In Armenia, it is much tougher for LGBTQ individuals.

According to ILGA Europe’s (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association accredited by U.N.) latest survey of 1071 people in Armenia, 91% said they had no LGBT acquaintances. TV was cited as the main source of information on LGBTQ issues, followed by social networks and online news; print or radio journalism came in last. 33% of those surveyed said that homosexuality resulted from a child being brought up incorrectly. 11.8% think homosexuality is a personal choice, and 5.1% believed it could be caused by “homosexual propaganda”. 89% of those questioned said that gay men and lesbian women should not be allowed to work with children. 97.5% of the survey participants said that it was unacceptable for gay and lesbian couples to kiss in public.